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Production of prefabricated homes using the Blockhaus system

For some years Pevedil has been engaged in making prefabricated timber structures intended mainly for the tourism sector, running innovative design research for the prefabrication sector. 
The main characteristic of our prefabricated homes is that they are made up of preassembled packages, made of various materials that are combined to increase each others’ good qualities.
In addition, our catalogue includes other more economic models to suit your needs.

Prefabricated building catalogue

Villa Catalogue

Today Pevedil offers the market 3 different products that essentially differ in terms of the construction characteristics.

case in legno modello circe

Circe Model

Intended for permanent habitation, its main characteristic is ventilation of both the walls and roof, and an appearance of inside walls that is just like a masonry home.


case prefabbricate modello nausicaa

Nausicaa Model

Made of three-layer prefabricated panels.  Pine battens – multi-layer polyester about 11 cm thick, roof built with ventilated system, and internal finish in a single colour.


case prefabbricate in legno modello calipso

Calipso Model

Home completely in wood that gives a warm, comfortable impression, also built using a layered construction system and micro ventilated roof.

One characteristic that all the models described have in common is full freedom when it comes to dimensions, which means that all the client’s various needs can be met.

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