We tackle our work with passion, applying all the experience and professionalism for which we are known.
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Roofs, verandas, and timber structures

Pevedil brings back the charm of the underside of roofs due to the natural warm beauty of wood, and proposes using it for large and small size structures. 
In fact, thanks to the technological  innovation and great versatility of laminated timber it is possible to: 

  • Transform unused roof space into a comfortable, welcoming loft. 

  • Transform a terrace into a comfortable, welcoming living room. 

  • Construct porches that are aesthetically and architecturally light. 

  • Construct roofs for large spaces -  Industrial and sporting facilities  

Being a light, versatile material laminated timber makes it possible to use it widely at heights without having to alter the existing static situation in the building, which is not possible when heavier materials like concrete are used. 

Pevedil guarantees the three essential elements for building a timber roof “in a workmanlike manner”: 

  • The quality of the beams

  • The precision of working 

  • Correct sizing of the members in relation to the static requirements 

Would you like a timber structure but have problems with designing?  Contact us!

We work with various specialist technicians in the sector, who will be entirely at your disposal!

Pevedil makes roofs with lofts in them in laminated timber using the ventilated roof system that guarantees perfect living conditions in the loft area and great energy saving because the home stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

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