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Laminated and solid timber: Technological characteristics and use

Laminated timber

Laminated timber, which is a material widely used in all Pevedil’s work, uses innovative technology to combine all the goods qualities of wood, without the related defects (splits, large knots, twisting, and bending), recomposing its perfect parts.

The capacity to make beams with sections not available in nature has made it possible to use this material in structures heretofore reserved to the use of other materials. Also its ductile quality and constructive modularity make it easy to adapt it to all shapes and sizes, resolving an infinite number of structural and architectural questions.


verande e porticati in legno

strutture in legno by Pevedil

Solid timber

Pevedil never gives up on tradition, and wherever possible, especially when restoring properties of historical value or where construction requirements so demand,  it continues to use solid beams in the timber most often used in our work area (chestnut, oak, and larch), taking all the steps necessary to guarantee an excellent result for all our work.

In addition, Pevedil is one of the leading companies when it comes to structural restoration of timber beams.


Pevedil’s timber work

The carpentry sector has become preeminent for Pevedil that, by making significant investments in technology and equipment, has been able to achieve a leading role in this sector that until now had been dominated by companies in Northern Italy. 
Works done include roofs for large and small areas, porches, verandas and gazeboes, floor structures and other structures for the most widely varied uses.  

Pevedil was also one of the first companies in the sector to apply a ventilated roof system as a standard system for all its roofs. At the same time it launched research along with companies that make insulation and waterproofing materials, which gave rise to some of the components that form the basis of our constructions.

Pevedil’s timber products

Prefabricated timber and mixed structure homes.  A number of years ago Pevedil started making prefabricated timber products, intended mainly for the tourism sector, due to our location on the Tyrrhenian coast that goes from San Felice Circeo to Formia, an area that is home to numerous tourist villages. It was the indications and requests of our clients in this sector that led as always to Pevedil setting about a quest for an innovative design for the prefabrication sector.  Up to now timber prefabricated products on the market presented numerous problems due mainly to the size, lifespan, and easy living.

Our Company has been able to resolve all these problems, designing and building structures that leave nothing to be desired when it comes to comfort, easy living, and lifespan when compared with masonry homes, combining the use of various construction materials.

The main characteristics of our prefabricated homes is that we have been able to design and put together pre-assembled packages made of different materials in such a way as to combine all their good qualities, increasing and making internal and external walls contribute to the structure.

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