We tackle our work with passion, applying all the experience and professionalism for which we are known.
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About the Pevedil Group

The Group

The Gruppo Pevedil S.r.l. includes a number of Companies that work in the building sector, traditionally set up in terms of technical capacity and means to carry out any work in the building field, whether it be civil, industrial, tourist-hospitality, sporting or residential, from building restoration to roofing, roof structures in laminated or solid timber, as well as making and marketing outdoor and indoor furnishing, designing and installing photovoltaic heating and mini wind turbine systems, and the sale and hire of building equipment.

The management team comprises three brothers that personally oversee all steps of the process – from design to hand over.  Seeking the best materials and construction processed in tradition and technology has allowed us to guarantee our clients a high standard of quality for the work done.  This action of rediscovering traditional materials integrated with new technologies includes the rediscovery of timber, one of the oldest construction materials and most used materials in the world, with hidden qualities that only recent technology has allowed us to discover. 

The Companies in the Pevedil Group:
Pevedil Imob Romania – Pevedil Lt Lituania – Bio Solare S.r.l.Expo Strutture


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Pevedil S.r.l. uses its own technical skills and means to do any building work in civil, residential, tourist/hospitality, industrial, and sports centre complexes, including:

  • Earthmoving and surface and special foundations

  • Vertical construction in masonry work, reinforced concrete, or mixed materials

  • Partitions, rendering, flooring, and cladding

  • Building work assistance for electrical and plumbing systems

  • Construction of tourist villages

  • Construction of sporting facilities

  • Routine, extraordinary, and contract-based maintenance

  • Total, controlled demolition

  • Structural and architectural restoration

  • Sanitization of damp spaces with barriers against rising damp and micro and macro-pore renders 

Laminated and solid timber structures like:  Roofs, attics, porches, and verandas.

Pevedil offers high quality at competitive prices thanks to their “turnkey” construction system.  This service provides for complete management of the order from design to hand over, allowing shorter times and more advantageous costs.

Pevedil carries out redevelopment work for all types of need, guaranteeing the results with their multi-year experience and the high quality of the materials used.

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